Assist TBs in unsafe or compromised situations. 


Support TBs healing from track injuries, surgeries and neglect/abuse.

Brookwood Farm Sport Horses

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we r4 thoroughbreds


Relaxation and pampering to live out their days like royalty. 


Train TBs for their second career and address problem behaviors.

We have several Thoroughbreds available for sale at our farm, at the track and with contacts we trust across the US.  Let us help you find your new partner.  We pride ourselves on sound, sane, athletic Thoroughbreds who make solid family members and competition partners. 

The right home for the Horse is our priority.

Sad to see them leave, but it is all worth it when they blossom with their families.  Read through the stories on our Graduates page to see for yourself the quality of the Thoroughbreds we have placed.  And see what the new Brookwood Farm Sport Horse families have to say about working with us.